Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Reader Lives 1000 Lives

I have always loved this quote:

Some of the lives we have lived through the years
I love the fact that my kids have always been readers.  Through the years, we have always read together as a family.  In fact for many many years, and through many adventures, I would sit down each night with the little ones gathered around and I would read out loud to them.  We would read books like Harry Potter, Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites (a fantastic series), Inkheart and so many more.  It would be the best times and my kids remember them well.  It was always the groaning and pleading that I loved when I would say that is enough for the night, and they all wanted more.  I believe that because I did this with them, they all have a great love of reading.  They each picked it up at their own times in life, and they each like reading different types of books, but for the most part they all love it.  And they are all really excellent readers.  I remember when Kimball took his reading comprehension test in grade nine, he scored at a 2nd year university level.

I took a class about eight years ago which went through the benefits of reading out loud to your children.  How their brain develops, how you bond together, etc.  In that class the teacher talked about these two books in particular
excellent books I highly recommend
Of course I had to go straight out and buy these books.  If you have kids, I would highly recommend them.  They will not only explain the benefits of why you should read to your children, but they will instill in you the urge to do it for the good of your whole family.  Check them out from your local library, or go the bookstore and purchase them.  It will be well worth your few dollars spent.

I love to watch my big kids read books now.  They get so involved in the stories, it is like they are living right there with the characters.  They laugh, cry, and make all kinds of noise depending on what is happening.  I truly believe that if you can help develop the love of reading in your kids, they will truly live 1000 lives or more before they die.  There is always another adventure, always another world to discover or another character to live.  It is pretty cool to watch.

We have graduated from Hogwart's, we have been to the land of the Nephites, we have been trapped in dungeons, fought in battles, had the best romantic adventures, lost loved ones, found best friends, loved the protagonist, and sometimes even the "bad guys", been through many spiritual experiences, and all of this we have shared as a family through reading with each other.   What fantastic experiences we have shared together.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I never pushed sports, but always supported it if they wanted to be involved.  I never pushed reading either, but just showed them how it was done.  Then I would watch as their own love of reading developed along the way.  Best thing I could have done for them.


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