Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Locked In The Fridge - Miracles

I was remembering back many years, in fact I think it was probably about 18+ years ago, Wow!  So because it was so long ago, my memory is probably a bit fuzzy on this one..........

We were living in Abbotsford, BC at the time.  We had just been given an old fridge, you know the kind with the pull handle, where you actually have to pull the handle down to open the door on it.  We figured we would just keep it in the garage as a second fridge, and had only had it for a couple of days.  It was plugged in and nice and cold, but empty.

The kids were all playing out in the yard with half or more of the neighborhood kids, and they were playing
Dano, Kyre and Tal about the time we moved to BC
hide and seek.  I could hear them laughing and what not.  Suddenly I heard Kyre yelling at them, mad as heck that they didn't find her and help her.  She was pretty hysterical so I went out to see what was the problem.  Usually Kyre is the quietest kid ever.  She never got mad and she was always just compliant.

I discovered that Kyre had decided to hide in the fridge, so she climbed in and shut the door behind her, thinking that someone would surely find her in there!  She started to panic shortly because she realized that nobody was going to find her, and she couldn't get the door to open.  Miracles happen daily around us and I have no doubt that we are watched over by angels. 

She remembers that she was scared, but the light stayed on in the fridge - miracle - because the light usually goes out when the door closes!  She couldn't open the fridge, so she said a prayer and then leaned her back against the door and pushed really hard - miracle - she was only five years old and with that type of door, there is just no way that it should have opened without someone opening the latch on the outside. Logan tried to open the door without pulling down on the latch handle and couldn't do it.  There is no way she should have been able to just push that door open from the inside.  Miracle - she is alive today.  I shudder to think what would have happened had that little girl not had the faith to pray and then to do what she thought after. It wouldn't have taken very long for hypothermia, or air to run out.

Logan immediately went and unplugged the fridge and duct taped it shut, and we eventually took it to the dump and never did use that old fridge as a second fridge.


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