Sunday, June 22, 2014

Welcome to our Front Porch!


I started doing some thinking as of late - imagine that!!  I think a lot, it seems my mind never slows down, anyways, Kyre is packing tonight and off to Lethbridge tomorrow to start her new adventures there, Tal and Jim just moved into their new place, Kimball graduates next year, Dano has been gone for over a year in Lethbridge at U of L, Matt now has TWO kids - wow, and Cyera is bringing up the tail end in style! 

I figured it was time to start writing down some of these memories and creating some more.  This space is for our family stories, memories, and happenings.  If you want to follow along in our crazy world, it will no doubt be full of adventure!  Never a dull moment!

Our house has gone from this...........
And they were awesomely fun crazy years!

To such a short time! And they are heading out!
I so love this quote!

960 Saturdays go by and you don't even realize it!  Wild and crazy times!  I am going to start reliving stories and memories for our own family record keeping.  They will be alive with pictures, videos, and so much more fun. 

I don't want to waste any more Saturdays, or other days for that matter.  Let's make them all count!


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