Monday, June 23, 2014

Closing a Chapter

Long day but we got Kyre all packed up and moved off to Lethbridge today!  Good for you Kyre!  It is always a bit of a nerve wracking thing when you move out of home for the first time.  But, yay for Dano, he is only a few minutes away from her, so hopefully they can hang out and watch out for each other.  After all what are big brothers for right?  Haha.

Now we are back at home and wow, is it quiet here.  Tal, Jim and Xander moved into their new house a few weeks ago, Kyre is moved, so we just have four of us at home, with way too much technology that seems to pull us to our separate locations throughout the house, and communication is minimal.  Gonna have to work on changing that up a bit!  

Was thinking back to the very first time Matt moved out, and how painful that was for me.  The circumstances were a bit different, but still he left a void. Such is life when kids go and grow up with your permission!

It's way too quiet here, I am going to have to do more writing and gardening to keep me from going crazy!
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Closed one chapter today, and opening a new one!


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