Friday, January 15, 2016

Making it Through Journeys

Life is a series of journey's that we must all make, and for each of us it is a different set of journey's.  I watch all the time, my own kids raising their own now, and others raising theirs as well, and sometimes I think it was easier when my kids were little.  Though times were tough, most of the time, it really worries me to think of what my own grandkids will have to journey through in their life. 

I believe there are really great and wonderful things to come yet in this world we live in, but I also believe
that to get those great things, we will have to journey through some really tough stuff too.  How did I ever make it through my own journey's, I often ask myself?

We had financial challenges, some family challenges, but knock on wood....., we never really had challenges that included major health, death, abuse and those kinds of things.  And inevitably whenever I would get down and feel like the journey was too difficult, or I didn't want to make the journey any more, I would pause, look around me and realize that there is always someone out there whose journey I would not want to be walking, and then mine was always, yes always, put into perspective.

How did I ever do it?  I kept on keeping on.  I know that sounds like a cop out, but it is true.  No matter what happened, I didn't quit.  No matter how hard it got and how much I wanted to quit, I didn't quit.  I would hit my knees in prayer and then get up and move forward, always with the hope and faith that there were brighter days ahead - and there always were.

I also did my best to keep my attitude positive and learned to enjoy the little moments along the way that now are often some of my fondest memories.  Kids can be difficult, jobs can be hard, it can be difficult to always be positive in relationships, but when it boils right down to it, it is all a choice.  Our attitudes are a choice.  Enjoying the little moments, the big moments, it is all a choice.  How we deal with heartache, it is a choice.  How we deal with frustrations and anger, it is a choice.

I do get asked often, how did I ever be successful in raising six kids to be such good men and women, and honestly, I don't know.  I tried always to be their friend and to keep the lines of communication open.  The worst thing you can do with your kids is close those communication lines.  They need to talk to someone, so if they are not comfortable talking with you, they will find other sources - how sad.  I have people tell me all the time how we as parents are not supposed to be friends with our kids, we are the parents, not their friends.  I strongly disagree!  Be their friends!  Be the one they turn to when they are struggling.  One of the happiest things I think I have today is that my grown kids are my friends.  We like to do things together and they still trust me with their problems.  That is priceless.

I think my journey has a long way to go still, and I look forward to each new chapter, each new grandchild, each new marriage, each new job, and all of the new things that are before us.  I think the reason that I look forward to it, is because I know I don't have to do it alone, we will all do it together. 

Get through your journey's together.  Create your support team, family or friends, and get through together helping each other along the way.


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