Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Here is our front porch year in review!  2014, I can't believe that it is almost over!  Went way too fast.....

Beginning of the year!
Started off with our little Jaxson being born in January, and he went from little to big in no time. It is amazing to me how kids grow so fast when they are little, and then of course the rest of us are always trying to slow down our growth because it doesn't happen where or when we want it to!  Wyatt, Xander and Jaxson have kept us all busy and loving life this year.  Wyatt is 8, Xander 3, and Jax will be 1

Xander, Rosie, and Jax
I love having my kids with families live close to me, as it offers me many chances to be a grandma.  Nothing better in life than that.  We go through our own kids and the
struggles, so that in the end we have the fantastic reward of grandchildren!  Well, that isn't the only reward, but it is one of the best ones! Matt and Beth, Tal and Jim both live close, which is a huge blessing in our lives.

Dano switched programs from English major to Digital Media and Communication Arts, or some big name like that.  He is loving it.  One and a half years left and he will be done.  I know that sounds like such a long time, but wow does it go fast!  Kyre went off to U of L this past  year taking her third year of Fine Arts.  She loves the fine arts part of it, but doesn't love the University environment.  Can't blame her, she took the first two years here at the college in the Hat, and it is such a warm friendly environment, and then bamm!  U of L, cold cement, and not very friendly!  Took some adjusting!  After her time at U of L then she will be off to Art Therapy school out in BC.  Hang in there Kyre.  :)   I miss not having them around all the time, but I guess I can't be too selfish and have all my kids live here, right?

Kimball graduates this year!  True story!  How did that ever happen?  Cyera is in grade 10 too.  They keep me hoppin still!   I miss those days of having my little ones at home and home school every day.  Those were
fun days full of lots of memories.  I have people ask me all the time if I could do it all again, would I home school my kids, and I say definitely, without a doubt.  Now that K and C are in high school - their choice - I have been working in the school system with the preschool classes, and I see the kids out there, and then I look at the kids I have raised and no doubt in my mind, I would do it all over again.  My kids are pretty darn good kids.  All of them.  Have we had our struggles along the way?  Sure thing, but they would have been there regardless, and I am sure the struggles would have been way different and probably worse in many ways, had they all pushed through public school.  Home school was the only way to go, in my mind.  I know it isn't for everyone, but it was good for us.

Highlights of the year, we built a really great grape arbor with a nice little creek bed under it, in our back
yard.  I love to sit out there in the summer.  We also went camping this summer, which is always one of my favorite things to do.  I love the lazy days of camping, and the times by the fire.  We went to Elkwater this
time and found some real beauty there.  Some of it actually made me feel like we were in the mountains, out in the middle of the prarie!  Pretty sweet! Will probably do that again this summer 2015.  Otherwise, it was a quiet year, yet a really good one.  Looking forward to Christmas this year, I know I actually said that!!  Santa will be doing his rounds Christmas Eve again, and I have two weeks off work!  Wahoo!  That is the nice part about working for the school, I get the same holidays as them. 

Here is to hoping that 2015 tops 2014, with another camping trip planned, and a trip to Utah planned for a family reunion.  I am sure many more opportunities to spend with my little boys, lots of bon fires, play dates at the parks, back yard picnics, - just have to get through the next few months of winter - then the fun begins!  Yet here we are on December 9th, 2014 at 8:00 in the morning and it is 5degrees above 0 outside, melting the snow like crazy!  Can't complain!


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