Saturday, August 23, 2014

Homemaking Things I have Learned - Through The Years

As I was cutting Talia's hair the other day, and then she in turn cut mine, I was thinking of all of the things that
I have learned through the years at "Homemaking", which was called "Enrichment" for a time, and is now just called Relief Society.  You know it was all of those extra meetings once or twice a month that we have attended for years, the ones that have saved me thousands of dollars through the years, just because of the little things I have been taught.
For one, I took a hair cutting class, actually twice, and it was free.  I have always cut my boys hair, and usually my girls hair.  I have also taught Talia and Cyera to do some of the basic cuts that I know about.  Just think 30 ish years of haircuts for 6 people - how much money would that save you?

I learned to make some amazing food dishes like, spanish rice, low fat baking, canning, cooking with beans, dehydrating, cookies, making bread, using bread dough for baking so many other things, how to cook with wheat, sprouting, and on and on.  Even though I grew up knowing how to cook from scratch, it was those Relief Society meetings that fine tuned everything and taught me to make them yummy!

I learned organizational skills, parenting skills, marriage skills (yup they really are skills), preparedness skills, gardening skills, frugal living skills, and all kinds of skills.  I feel like I am fairly self reliant in many ways, just because of the skills that I have learned and shared back.  Yes, I have even learned crafting skills like crochet and knitting, and making crafty things, which I don't love to do!

I learned to love service and value friendships created through it.  I could literally name dozens of dear close friends that I have found through the years through service and Relief Society.  It doesn't seem to matter
where we have lived, I find instant bonds with my great sisters in the gospel.

I have learned and strengthened many gospel principles through the years.  My faith is always growing.  It has been challenged from time to time in my life, but thus far I have always come out on top!

I have even learned some decorating skills, but unfortunately I don't use them very much!  You see my life is pretty plain Jane, (which is how I like it), but give me the challenge of throwing together a party or wedding or something like that, and I can throw a good one!  But don't ask, because I am also learning to say NO!  Haha.  That one is taking probably the most time of all to learn.

So next time I grumble, or you grump, because we have to go to yet "another" Relief Society meeting, we should ask ourselves, what will I be able to gain from this tonight?  A spiritual growth?  A skill? A friend? A new idea? A time out? A time to recharge?  Whatever it is, I guarantee you will gain something, or learn something, if you go with the right attitude.  You may not even realize that you have gained anything, until at some future point in your life, you will remember it at the right moment, and be able to use something from it.

I challenge you to try it! Kiddos of mine that read this - just do it.  No questions or grumping allowed, just do it and learn!


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